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President's Welcome

I feel it is an honour to be chosen as the President of The British Gordon Setter Club. I have owned Gordon setters for 25 years and I feel there is still so much to learn about our wonderful breed. I look forward to meeting members especially new ones at our Summer Open show in June, the Championship show in October and all our other social events including the field trials and training days.

The club was formed in 1927 and is the oldest and largest of all the Gordon Setter Breed Clubs, its forerunner being the Gordon Setter Club which was founded in 1891.

The main aims of the Clubs are to promote the responsibile ownership and breeding of the Gordon Setter through education, training and continual monitoring of health within the breed.

Membership is open to all people worldwide who have an interest in Gordons and covers all aspects of ownership, including Shows, Working and Pets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any other information you require, including membership details.

Karin Sweryda, President, British Gordon Setter Club


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